Dress Shirts

A Tailor Store made-to-measure shirt is not just a dress shirt for men - it’s an experience. The moment you button-up everything changes, everything feels precise, comfortable and correct. We guarantee you'll never look at clothing in the same way. Your wardrobe will become you, not just a rail of half-fitting labels. All our fabrics, accessories and designs are carefully curated to bring you superior bespoke shirts at the best possible price. Choose one of our best-selling designs, or create a truly personalized shirt  with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tool. 

Never tried a Tailor Store dress shirt? Our unique Perfect-Fit Guarantee will ensure your complete satisfaction, allowing you to browse, customize and shop with complete confidence. 

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Dress shirts for men

Tailor Store proudly presents our men’s dress shirts collection. Made from an extensive range of high-quality cotton fabrics, our customized shirts are perfect for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a business, dress or casual shirt, you are sure to find you perfect style and look. All our men's shirts are crafted on a bespoke made-to-measure basis, ensuring your shirt will fit you absolutely perfectly. Choose from our suggested designs, or feel free to personalize your shirt to your exact preference. Pair your shirt with your favourite jeans, chinos, or why not try a Tailor Store made-to-measure suit?