Denim Shirts

A denim shirt is always a great choice for a casual but well-dressed look. Make it an individually tailored denim shirt, and you have a winning combination of style and flair. Whatever the weather, a bespoke made-to-measure denim shirt turns heads.
Find inspiration for your new tailored denim shirt with our best-selling recommendations below. Unleash your imagination and create a truly personalized denim shirt with our shirt designer. Experiment with different buttons, collars, cuffs and more, then wear your personalised denim shirt with pride.

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The Tailored Denim Shirt Collection

Iconic, stylish, eternally cool, Tailor Store proudly presents our made-to-measure denim shirt collection for men.For spring and summer parties, try a light blue denim shirt. For evenings, or colder months, try a dark denim shirt for sophisticated cool.
Never compromise: experience the revolutionary comfort of durable denim cloth cut-and-sewn to the contours of your body. Washed with pumice stones, and available in a range of classic denim colours, our tailored denim shirts are made from ruggedly robust yet soft-on-the skin 100% twill.
Make it yours: Personalize every detail of your tailored denim shirt with our easy to use shirt designer.
Wear it your way: Buttoned or unbuttoned, sleeves up or down, any look is possible with a tailored denim shirt.

Cut From a Different Cloth:
Tailor Store Denim Shirts

First crafted in the late 19th century for sailors, railroad workers, cowboys and miners, the denim shirt exploded as an American cultural phenomenon in the 1950s thanks to the iconic lives of Marlon Brando and James Dean. Today, the denim shirt is celebrated as a popular modern classic thanks to its mix of durability, comfort and sheer cool.

Easy to wear, even easier to care for, every man needs a denim shirt in his wardrobe. Better yet, truly make it your own and order a personally customized, fully tailored denim shirt from Tailor Store. The tailor store denim shirt for men is the perfect synthesis of traditional tailoring craft and free-spirited fashion culture.

The color of denim shirts

The general rule is to choose a light blue or a soft-washed denim shirt because it is easier to match with other items in your wardrobe. A darker blue denim shirt is also a great choice that pairs well with dark jeans, or chinos.

The fit

When buying a denim shirt, the fit is crucial. A tailored denim shirt is unrivalled for ensuring the fabric drapes flatteringly to the contours of your body. A tailored denim shirt also moves in tandem with you, maintaining superior shape and form. Collar selection is also important, as it highlights your jawline and facial features. Buy your personally sized men's denim shirts online at Tailor Store and let your style do the talking.

Prefer short or long sleeves? Mother of pearl or push buttons? With or without breast pockets and contrast seams? Check out our shirt designer, let your creativity free, craft your tailored denim shirt and then wear it exactly how you want no matter the situation.

More on the history of denim shirts

Jeans or denim fabric has been around since 1872 and was created in San Francisco by Levi Strauss. Jeans and denim are essentially the same name for a rough, durable cotton fabric. In its earliest days, denim was a garment for sailors and miners. Throughout the early twentieth century, the denim shirt continuously evolved as rivets, seams and pockets were added to meet the needs of hard-working cowboys and farmers. This spirit of adaptation lives on. Today, denim shirts are worn by people from all walks of life. At Tailor Store we proudly make tailored denim shirts for anyone. We understand that a denim shirt must be the perfect balance of comfort, durability and style. To achieve this, we wash our denim with pumice stone giving it a distinctive indigo hue and extra-soft surface. Then of course, we cut and sew it to your individual measurements.

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