10 Style Tips For Large Men: The Full Guide

10 Style Tips For Large Men: The Full Guide

November 1, 2020

The art of dressing well boils down to the ability to present your unique body type in the most flattering way possible without trying to alter it. That being said, dressing according to body type can be quite a challenge for bigger men. So we've put together our ten best advice and style tips for big guys so that you can make sure to look your absolute best whenever and wherever. Ready?

1. Avoid loose-fitting garments

Saggy, loose-fitting clothes are best to avoid all in all if you’re on the broader spectrum. Choose garments that give a clean and well-defined shape to your body.

2. Wear suits

A well-tailored suit looks good on almost anyone, broader guys included. Make sure to get a suit that complements your body outfit with good fabric quality that will last for a long time.

3. Opt for long-sleeves

Long-sleeved garments tend to slim down your arms, and the same goes for long-legged pants. A long-sleeved dress shirt paired with will frame your body in a flattering way.

4. Stock up on suspenders

Instead of using belts, which is not the ideal accessory for large men, choose to wear your trousers with suspenders if possible. They solve the problem of baggy pants and also adds a nice classic touch to your outfit.

5. Choose dress shirts with spread collars

A broad body type is best matched with an equally broad collar. There are a fair amount of different spread collars out there, so make sure you choose one that compliments both your body type as well as personal style.

6. Style with large accessories

Dressing proportionally is always important, especially for big men. By matching larger accessories to your body type, you’ll dress proportionally while at the same time showing off some power items.

7. Wear dress shirts untucked

Untucking your dress shirt will de-emphasize your waistline and draw less attention to it, so it’s a wise choice to wear them untucked whenever possible.

8. Choose custom-tailored whenever possible

Whether it’s a dress shirt, pants, or suit: wearing custom-tailored will always have you looking your absolute best. You’ll never have to worry if the garment will look good on you, as it always will present your body type in the most flattering way.

9. The thicker fabric, the better

Both oxford fabrics, twill fabrics, and flannel fabrics are great fabrics to choose from when deciding which dress shirts to buy. Dress shirts in heavier fabrics tend to drape the body in a flattering way and is an excellent choice for bigger men.

10. Wear solid neutrals

Black, gray, brown, white; solid neutrals are where it’s at and colors you should definitely keep in your wardrobe if you’re a bigger guy as they complement your body shape well. A fan of bright colors? Use them in your accessories, a brightly colored pocket square o tie goes well with a neutral outfit.

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