The Bullet-proof Summer Style Guide for Men

The Bullet-proof Summer Style Guide for Men

June 16, 2021

Summer has made its entrance, and you're probably wondering how to dress accordingly since you're reading this. Fall, winter, and spring are easy style-wise. However, summer is where it gets trickier; you can't just pop on a trendy jacket or work with layers in the same way. So, how do you make sure you look good while staying cool and refreshed this summer? No worries, we've got you with some solid tips.

Choose the right fabrics

The key here is to make sure the majority, if not all, of your summer clothing is in a lightweight fabric. These fabrics tend to be well-equipped for hot summer days and will keep you looking and feeling cool. Summer weight fabrics are lighter than fall or spring fabrics, which allows heat to escape.

Clothing in linen is a go-to for summer for many men out there, and for a good reason: linen allows more air to pass through due to its open weave. On the minus side, linen fabrics tend to wrinkle more due to the loose weave (which makes it so comfortable). Opt for a linen-cotton blend fabric if you want to avoid this problem.

The majority of all summer clothing is cotton-based, which is another fabric to stock up on in preparation for hotter days. It's highly breathable and wrinkles less than linen due to its tighter weave.

Opt for clothing in light colors

Lighter and brighter are two words to be kept in mind when shopping for the ultimate summer clothing. Summer is the perfect season to express yourself in colors, although you don't have to go for neon yellow or pink (if that's not your thing, that is). Instead, go for lighter shades of essential neutrals like lighter greys, lighter browns, lighter greens, and different shades of blue.

The essential clothing items needed for summer

There are some great tips out on the world wide web regarding which clothing items are must-haves for summer. Here are our personal favorites:

Blazers: A lightweight, custom blazer in a lighter color such as light grey, brown, or beige is a true trooper for when you want to dress up while maintaining a comfortable summer style. Opt for a blazer in a lighter fabric, such as linen or cotton.

Polo shirts: You can't have too many of them, right? Keeping a stock of high-quality custom-tailored polo shirts secures any summer outfit, any day. Opt for a pair of long-sleeved polo shirts as well for colder evenings.

Linen shirts: If summer was a clothing item, it would most surely be a linen shirt. This bad boy will keep you cool while maintaining a well-dressed look all through summer.

Shorts: A pair of custom-tailored shorts will grant you both comfort and style with a perfect fit and just the right amount of stretch. It's super easy to dress up along with a perfectly fitted dress shirt or to just keep you well-dressed at the beach.

Short-sleeved dress shirts: If a linen shirt is your ridiculously fancy-dressed uncle, the short-sleeved dress shirt would be the cool cousin. Even if you're not ready to go all-in on the patterns, a subtle patterned short-sleeved shirt is the perfect companion to your summer wardrobe.

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