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Our men's shirts

The shirts in this selection are examples of how your tailor-made men's shirt might look like. Order one of our suggested shirt designs, or customize it to your individual preference in our design tool.

Why should I choose custom-made shirts from Tailor Store?

We will cut and sew your new dress shirt to your specific body measurements. During the design and checkout process, you can choose your fit type according to how much movement you would like. Our shirt fabrics are carefully selected to give you a quality men's shirt regardless of price.

How does it feel to wear tailored dress shirts?

There is something unmistakably inspiring about a tailor-made dress shirt. Perhaps it’s the superior quality fabrics, perfectly cut-and-sewn to your unique measurements. That feeling of hand chosen cotton, linen, flannel or denim seamlessly flowing with your every movement. Its subtle, but once felt, utterly unforgettable. The sensation of a perfectly fitting shirt is truly transformative. Like the strong embrace of an old friend, it empowers, bringing newfound confidence, enabling us to meet the day’s challenges and thrive.

What is a perfect fit?

From the first fastened button, you’ll know that your perfect fit dress shirt is made for you, and you only. Unlike off-the-rack shirts, a tailor-made shirt fits smoothly without tightening, bunching or riding up. It breathes, twists, and glides with your every step. The precision length sleeves ensure your cuffs protrude perfectly from your jacket, whilst the carefully measured collar grants a comfortable centimeter of neck movement.

We guarantee you will be satisfied

We offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee to ensure you are completely satisfied with your tailored shirt. In short, the guarantee means that we will deliver a new made-to-measure shirt to you in the unlikely event that the first dress shirt does not fit.

How is my new shirt tailored?

Once you place your order, the design and measurements of your tailored shirt are automatically sent to our in-house tailors. Tailor Store owns and operates two in-house tailoring facilities in Sri Lanka. Over the many years that we have produced our made-to-measure shirts there, we have continuously upheld and delivered competitive wages, positive working conditions and employee development initiatives.

Our tailors are skilled craftsmen, who cut and sew your unique dress shirt to your precise measurements and wishes. Having delivered over one million shirts since 2003, we know from experience that you will be delighted with your purchase.

Once your dress shirt is made, we conduct final quality checks to ensure the measurements you provided have been followed exactly. When the shirt is approved, it gets a final finish at the ironing board before being packed and dispatched. All our shirts are delivered by air freight, and we compensate our carbon footprint 100% by replanting rainforests

Tailor Store makes sustainable fashion

Tailor made is a sustainable way of sewing clothes. By sewing shirts on order, we never produce anything that nobody wants. Cotton fabric is valuable. Large amounts of water and work are behind its production. Tailor made makes all fabric and work hours useful. When you choose to get your clothes upholstered, you also choose to take a step away from quick fashion and wear and tear. Our way of sewing shirts is sustainable for the environment and the future.
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