Turndown Superior

This collar is a true classic since it has no spread at all. It is the perfect collar for formal occasions that require a tie, but is also considered to be superior to the cut-away by many. Even without a tie, this collar ends frame the shirt’s upper part nicely.


Collar stays came into vogue when the ends of the collar started to be worn turned down instead of upwards as previously. In order to achieve this, something was needed to increase the stiffness of the collar without making it uncomfortable. The first collar stays were made from brass, ivory and even wood. Today, most collar stays are made of plastic, but if you want that extra luxurious feel, then you will be able to find them in both silver and gold as well.

To keep in mind when designing your shirt

The collar fits all face shapes, and is one of our most popular collars. If you are looking for a stylish business shirt with that little extra, this is the collar to choose. The collar stays should always be removed before the shirt is washed to minimize the risk of marking the collar or damaging the washing machine.


    Collar height, back:3,3 cm

    Collar ends, front: 6,3 cm

    Collar stays:removable

    Stiffness: regular