White tie shirts

Style Guide - How to wear your shirt the right way

White tie shirts


A tailcoat is the Rolls-Royce of evening attire. Take specific dress codes into consideration and you will get the right look. The shirt should be a white cotton shirt with a stiff piqué panel. The collar is always a stiff wing collar. The collar tips should either rest on the bow tie or tucked behind for a more modern look.


You can choose a white tie placket with regular shirt buttons. To add some extra finesse to the outfit, use so-called studs that match with the cufflinks.


The cuff on a white tie shirt is folded once and should be buttoned with cufflinks.

How to get the perfect white tie style

Traditionally, unlaced black lacquer slippers were worn but today regular lacquer shoes are fine to combine with a tailcoat. Shoes with rubber soles would be just as wrong as rubber boots. Avoid a wristwatch when wearing tails. At a party or during a holiday feast, time should not be measured - only a pocket watch in the tailcoat’s white vest is fine (single or double-breasted vest). Replace your belt with white suspenders. Please note that your socks should not be made from cotton and not be too short. When you trying on your tailcoat, make sure that the white vest is not seen more than about 1.5 cm - the same rule applies to the shirt cuffs.

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